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Clean Room Flooring

The importance of having monolithic floors, which do not generate dust and particles, are requirements of the Pharmaceutical industry. Lotus gives a complete solution for such flooring in terms of Epoxy or Polyurethane systems. These are available in different colors and thickness as per the needs of the customers.

Our flooring systems adhere to the best quality parameters. We guarantee long life and efficacy as per intended use of the flooring system.

Epoxy and PU floor coatings are hard wearing and durable solutions for both commercial and industrial flooring. These floor coatings can be applied over concrete floors to provide a high performance, attractive surface. At Lotus, our epoxy flooring experts have experience installing epoxy floor coatings for a variety of commercial and industrial buildings including in commercial facilities, warehouses, pharmaceutical manufacturing buildings, food and beverage factories, laboratories and more.

Epoxy and PU floor coatings are specifically formulated to endure highly abusive environments. Industrial areas that involve chemical spills, impacts, shock, temperature and humidity changes are vulnerable to damage regardless of the type of flooring used. Concrete is a common material used in these settings because of its durability. Epoxy and PU floor coatings provide a layer of protection that is highly resistant to chemical damage and impacts. Specially formulated coating is available through Lotus in a variety of colors and types

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